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Brandt Gardens & Greenhouse was established in 2000 by Bill and Rhonda Brandt to grow plants and vegetables. The business began as a family project to teach responsibility and work ethic to their sons, Matthew, Nathan, and Aaron. What started as a family teaching opportunity, turned into and business venture; selling annual and perennial plants, as well as a wide variety of vegetables. Bill and Rhonda believe that food grown locally is a critical component of sustaining and growing the local economy. Brandt Gardens & Greenhouse has partnered with the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) to focus on improving nutrition in our communities.


Brandt Garden & Greenhouse grows vegetable crops on agricultural land and in a high-tunnel, which is simply a greenhouse built on agricultural land. The high-tunnel helps extend the production season, by allowing vegetables to be planted earlier than outdoor conditions will permit. By utilizing a high-tunnel, fruits and vegetables will be available for consumption both earlier and later in the year, than crops grown outdoors.


We are a seasonally run business with opening last Saturday of  April with the sale of plants.  Selling produce will continue after this date throughout the growing season usually ending around Thanksgiving in November.  Please call with your questions/availability.


Bill completed an online course with Cornell University on “Implementing Good Agricultural Practices: A Key to Produce Safety” on November 14, 2014.  As a result, Bill is part of the Minnesota Food Safety Mentor Program under the direction of Michelle Schermann and Annalisa Hultberg.

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