We started lambing the last week of January and as of February 14 we have 52 babies on the ground with 10 ewes left to lamb.


Lambs are usually weaned at around the age of 6 weeks.  They are fed hay, corn, oats, and protein.  At the age of 8 to 9 months they are ready to be harvested/processed into meat.


We have 3 fall lambs which should be ready for processing in June 2016. The lambs currently being born will be ready for processing in September or October 2016.


If you are interested in buying a lamb please email: or call 507-662-5631 for more information.


A whole lamb processed into assorted cuts of lamb meat will weigh around 55-60 pounds.

Feeder Steers - Now Available!

In November 2015, I purchased 6 feeder steer calves that currently weigh in at 900 pounds each.  The steers will reach a mature weight of 1200-1300 pounds in September or October 2016 when they are ready to be harvested for meat.  They are fed hay, corn, oats, and protein.


If you are interested in buying a whole or a half of beef please email: or call 507-662-5631 for more information.


A whole steer processed into assorted cuts of beef would weigh around 800-825 pounds.

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